Letrozole POM 2 5mg Tablets Pack of 28

Letrozole POM 2 5mg Tablets Pack of 28

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This will usually be from a group of drugs called bisphosphonates. If you’re concerned about this you may find it helpful to speak to your specialist. Some people benefit from switching to a different hormone therapy.

Side effects of letrozole

You may have other types of hormone therapy if you have not been through the menopause. Vaginal bleeding can happen in the first few weeks after starting letrozole. It most commonly occurs when changing from one hormone therapy to another. If the bleeding continues for more than a few days, tell your specialist.

If you’re taking letrozole to treat breast cancer that has come back or spread to another part of the body, you’ll usually take it for as long as it’s keeping the cancer under control. Occasionally, letrozole may be used as the first treatment for breast cancer, for example when surgery isn’t appropriate or needs to be delayed. It’s sometimes given before surgery to shrink a larger breast cancer. Clomid® (Clomiphene citrate) or Letrozole are used in women who do not ovulate (produce eggs) regularly each month leading to infertility. These medicines stimulate eggs to develop in the ovaries and be released for fertilisation.

Important information about Femara

Breast cancer may also be treated with chemotherapy, which directly targets breast cancer cells. Side effects are not common and tend to be dose related. Frequent side effects include headaches, nausea, hot flushes, breast tenderness and fluid retention but most people tolerate the medication well. The first consideration follows on from the last, and can be achieved either through increased exercise, a change to your diet or a combination of the two. Especially if your pain is localised around your knee or ankles, excess weight can exert pressure on your joints and weaken them over time.

  • Light and stimulating exercise can help to reduce this.
  • This enzyme converts the sex hormones androstenedione (produced by the ovaries), and testosterone, into oestrogen.
  • Your doctor has recommended a medication called Femara as treatment for your breast cancer.
  • After the menopause, women don’t produce oestrogen from their ovaries.

It may also cause the level of cholesterol in the blood to rise, although this doesn’t usually need treatment. If you have a history of high cholesterol you may want to discuss this with your specialist or GP. Aching or pain in the joints and muscles is often mild and temporary, although for some people it’s more severe and longer lasting.

Letrozole works by blocking this enzyme to reduce the amount of oestrogen in the body. Some breast cancers use oestrogen in the body to help them to grow. These are known as oestrogen receptor positive or ER-positive breast cancers. It is important to remember, however, that these are only guidelines and are not mandatory; individual doctors may, depending on circumstances, take slightly different approaches. In addition, the breast cancer itself may reduce bone strength.

When you first go through the menopause there can still be a chance that you could become pregnant. It is important to not to become pregnant while you are having treatment and for a few months afterwards. So, even if you have had your menopause, talk to your doctor or nurse about effective contraception before starting treatment. Some people start taking https://emchange.de/2023/09/06/unveiling-the-secrets-a-comprehensive-guide-on-how/ after a few years of taking the hormone therapy drug tamoxifen.

The breast cancer cells not only stimulate tumour growth but can also stimulate the production of osteoclasts (the cells that break down bone). It can even be a good idea to start these kinds of exercises prior to experiencing joint pain or even prior to taking the medication. That way, the protection that it can offer will already be in place before any symptoms begin to show.

Using the trends feature, you can input the severity of your pain as it changes throughout the week, month or year and review this at any time. Try incorporating the following suggestions into your routine and see for yourself how your pain levels change. Letrozole is a potent oestrogen lowering agent and reductions in bone mineral density can be anticipated. Treatment for osteoporosis should be initiated as appropriate and patients should be carefully monitored.


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