How Much Do Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses Cost?

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

The type of arrangement you choose will likely depend on your budget and the complexity of your business. An hourly rate or monthly retainer arrangement may be best if you have a simple business with straightforward finances. A project-based or flat fee arrangement may be more appropriate if your business is more complex. Hiring an outsourced bookkeeping agency can seem overwhelming at first glance— but it can be an extremely cost-effective, simple solution with many benefits that can help your business grow. The cost of outsourcing your bookkeeping can differ depending on your needs.

  • Different accountants charge different rates depending on the method of service delivery.
  • Here are some tips to help you negotiate your accounting fees like a pro.
  • There are many options for keeping track of your transactions, ranging from manual entry using physical record books to different types of software.
  • The cost can also be impacted by how well you’ve organized your financial records and receipts beforehand.
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Meanwhile, the average hourly wage for in-house bookkeepers is approximately $21.10, ranging from $26.85 in Washington to $16.55 in North Carolina. The more features you add to the software, the more expensive it will be. Even companies that are the same size and industry pay very different amounts for accounting. Before we get into dollar figures, let’s talk about the expenses that go into small business accounting.

How to choose best limited company accountant?

At BELAY, our model is a set subscription paid on the first of each month. That subscription is set and based on an agreed-upon scope of work, and will not incur additional fees based on transactions or report requests. So let’s dig into two financial services – accounting clerks and bookkeepers – your organization could use and how to decide which one is, like Goldilocks, just right for you. The top three states with the highest freelance bookkeeping rates are Massachusetts, Washington, and Maryland, with average hourly rates of $43.57, $40.18, and $39.09, respectively.

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

Select a state from the drop-down menus below to show the average rate for bookkeepers in that state. These are the absolute necessities that you need to call yourself a bookkeeping business! Be sure to check out my free Start a Bookkeeping Business checklist, where I explain this in a bit more detail. The costs a small business or nonprofit incurs for bookkeeping will depend upon many variables.

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If you don’t need all the services of a CPA, you could hire a bookkeeper instead, which would cost around $30 to $90 per hour. Accountants and bookkeepers can both help startups, although in different ways. Bookkeepers are best for keeping track of day-to-day transactions. Accountants are best for providing small business owners with financial analysis based on the information recorded by bookkeepers.

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

By following these tips, you can negotiate your accounting fees like a pro and get the best accounting services for your budget and goals. For example, you can sign a long-term deal or pay in advance for a lower fee. You can also mix and match services or change the frequency or difficulty of the tasks. Use sites like Thumbtack or Forbes to shop around and read reviews. This way, you can bargain better and find ways to cut costs or get more value. If you pay by the service, you pay a flat fee for a specific service or a package of services.

Healthier Cash Flow

Secondly, if you’ve got a CPA on your side already, they’ll make the process so much less stressful. Every penny that comes into and leaves your business is categorized into the right accounts. Accounts are reconciled every month and any changes are adjusted. State sales tax and quarterly reports are paid and submitted. Bookkeepers also follow up on Accounts Payable to alert you when bills should be paid. If you have employees, bookkeepers can assist in payroll processing.

What is included in full charge bookkeeping?

The term "full charge" means that these bookkeepers manage all of the business's accounting needs. Besides the typical task of maintaining the business ledger, these bookkeepers prepare financial statements and tax returns, record complex transactions and process timesheets and payroll.

Most businesses find it helpful to categorize similar types of transactions in sub-ledgers, such as separate records for accounts receivable or accounts payable. Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organizing the financial transactions of a business. Bookkeepers may also record other financial transactions, such as loans and investment returns.

This can be good if you have complex and variable transactions or if you need ongoing or comprehensive services. You can have more certainty and transparency about the cost and the deliverables, and your accountant can have more incentives to work efficiently and effectively. They can help you save on taxes, avoid penalties, improve cash flow, and grow your business. Estimating work can become relatively straightforward based on the jobs your client wants done. As a result, you may be able to offer a flat fee for certain tasks, which clients love because it makes budgeting much easier for them. Learn the differences between both and how to choose the right financial help for your company.

  • If you’re starting a business, it’s a good idea to speak with an accountant before you get started.
  • EOY is almost over, or perhaps it’s already finished for you.
  • Our approach to accounting gives each of our clients a personalised, bespoke experience tailored to their specific needs.
  • If you have the expertise, you could increase your billable rate by offering payroll in addition to bookkeeping services.
  • Costs can vary a bit, based on the company you choose to use, as well as how far behind you are in your books.

Danielle is a writer for the Finance division of Fit Small Business. She has owned a bookkeeping and payroll service that specializes in small business, for over twenty years. On my spreadsheet I put $22 a month for a website, and that does include the domain name. However, if you’re tech savvy, I bet you could probably make a website even cheaper if you buy the domain name and then create your webpage on a free site. If you use a site such as WordPress, you’ll still need to have a monthly hosting fee from a third party host. Get up and running with free payroll setup, and enjoy free expert support.


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