Complete Guide to Find Bookkeeping Clients Online

How do bookkeepers get clients

If you don’t have comments to draw on, check out the comment sections of the blogs, social media pages, and YouTube channels of other brands in your niche. Communication is central to building trust in your target audience. Saying the right thing to the wrong person is a waste of time.

Having more than one tool at your disposal to help you in this quest can alleviate that process. While it might feel like you are writing the same blog post over and over, you can target different types of businesses. If you already are, great, but if you’re not you could be missing out on lots of prospective work.

How to Start a Bookkeeping business & how to Get Bookkeeping Clients:

I’ve learned over time to be intentional about the people I want to work with and not just take any client that comes along. Sometimes a difficult client is going to cost you more time, energy, and money than it’s really worth. Once you have a bookkeeping lead, make sure you’re communicating effectively and are dependable by following up on any communication. Respond to their questions quickly, prepare for any meetings like they are an interview, and sell yourself to that lead to make them want to hire you.

  • As a bookkeeper, there are a few ways to use networking to gain clients.
  • YouTube is arguably the best way to showcase your personality, thanks to its visual component.
  • For example, you can host a webinar close to tax time on the top 5 mistakes you see small businesses make when filing their income taxes – and how to avoid making them.
  • Choosing a niche for your bookkeeping or accounting services may feel like a luxury when you’re trying to grow your business, but it’s actually a powerful positioning tool to reach your target market.
  • You can even get to know other bookkeepers because many are at their capacity and may be willing to refer potential clients to you if they can’t onboard them themselves.
  • This kind of relationship creates an “upward spiral” that helps the client be successful and also helps our own bookkeeping businesses grow.

You will definitely want to check this system out as an option as it’s incredibly popular for bookkeeping businesses and accounting firms. For example, when I decided to start my own accounting firm, my purpose was to provide small local business owners with an easy, pain-free accounting & bookkeeping experience. We see them as text advertising at the top of the first search result page or as banners that link to financial, accounting, and bookkeeping websites. So pay-per-click ads can bring immediate results as hundreds of potential customers will learn about your bookkeeping service.


Identifying your ideal or target client is important because it will keep you focused and help you fine-tune your efforts, even right down to what words you use in your marketing materials. For example, you would probably speak to university students differently than you would to senior citizens. Whenever possible, gather potential client information so that you can reach out to them periodically about your services.

How to get bookkeeping clients without experience?

Networking — Attend networking events and small business groups to connect with potential colleagues and clients. Word of Mouth — Let your family and friends know about your business and utilize the relationships you already have. Ask people to recommend you, so you can gain clients and build your network.

What other marketing techniques have you had success with while operating on a small budget? Once you promote a video or display ad, you can try the “cost per impression” or CPM approach. Then you’ll pay for 1,000 displays of the video regardless of the number of clicks.

Strategy 4: Freelancer And Gig Platforms

When you step into a client’s business to help them with their business finances, you’re relieving them of a burden. In essence, you’re lightening their mental load, which means less stress for the client. Regardless of how you define it, success depends on your goals and what you want from your business in the months and years ahead. Often, entrepreneurs think of their business goals as achieving specific metrics or…

How do bookkeepers get clients

Accordingly, it’s an industry known for volume, growth, profits and revenue – an attractive combination for any accountant or bookkeeper. It also means that there’s a big pool of potential clients out there – all trying to spend more time growing their business and less time fiddling with numbers (that’s where you come in). For bookkeeping services, this means turning to practical and effective digital marketing strategies. Online client acquisition channels can offer powerful ways to meet new clients and continue to grow a client roster over time.

Get reviews

Select some of the channels where your target audience likes to hang out. Similarly, if you choose a niche that is too narrow, you wouldn’t have enough people to engage. To succeed at building authority and trust, you can’t just throw darts at the wall to see what sticks. By all means, invite your existing clients to your webinars, and consider asking them to invite their friends or colleagues. Offering clients who refer new clients to you a token of your appreciation helps
strengthen your relationship with them. This could be something like filling out a form with a few simple questions about their business or scheduling a call with you through a calendar app.

Just make sure not to overdo it or else they may experience inbox fatigue . Network with people on social media and talk to them about their business. Apart from learning the essential bookkeeping concepts, you also need to learn and become comfortable with accounting software. Unless you’re already a wiz with numbers, you’re going to need some training to become a bookkeeper. There are many different courses online that offer affordable training options.


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